Autumn Rules 5 dotting patterns

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Autumn has its own set of rules.The days are filled with either sun, rain, heat or cold but the leaves fall none the less. Making us feel small by giving us one big blast of colour and the best of the land (have some apple crumble while you’re at it). The rich palette and shapes of autumn, has me making designs with dots of leaves for you and saying ‘Autumn Rules’!

‘Autumn Rules’ is an online collection of five mix & match’ dotting patterns to help you with your dotwork on porcelain. The patterns are designed with all different shapes and sizes of objects in mind. So go look for a blank object and start dotting. Beware: leaves fall at their own accord, so you might end up with something quite special. These patterns can be seen as individual patterns, but like autumn itself, are better enjoyed in a mix of colours and shapes. Mix and match to make the most of all possibilities. What are you going to make while ‘Autumn Rules’?

These patterns are all in English. There is a Dutch version available as well (coming soon!).

Once you are enrolled, you have 90 days to complete these patterns. Plenty of time to celebrate autumn! If you have any questions or remarks about this or any other course, let me know. Send an e-mail to

Happy dotting,